Chasing me

Our dog sky often likes to chase after her own tail. This act cracks me up most times as I watch her running around in circles. Sometimes I wonder, "Don't you know by now that no one is chasing you but your tail?😃😃

I have a feeling this is what God says to us when we set for ourselves very high expectations and we push ourselves really hard to achieve them. Is it possible God is whispering to us to take things easy because he is not involved in our racing.

  • Action Plan:
    Stop and Think
    - Why are you racing so hard?
    - Who is fuelling your hustle?
    - Is your pacing borne out of fear?
    - Do you trust GOD to take care of your future needs?
    - Are you enjoying your life at the moment?
    - Do you see your current self in your tomorrow?

Dear lord, let my chasing be after you and the things you validate. And when I do this, help me to trust that you will take care of me and my future. Help me to enjoy life and enjoy you.




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Aderonke Awonusi

Godlover, Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ. HR Pro & Writer. I am passionate about sharing the gospel of christ through STORYTELLING..