Deep in love

How do we love an invisible God?

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels
  • Quality time
  • Unashamed of each other
  • We gave..
  • Together… Forever
  • Spend quality time with him, even on days when I don't have much to say to him, his presence would still be refreshing.
  • Give him the best of my gifts, talents & resources, bearing in mind that quality is much important in giving my gifts to God.
  • Be unashamed to speak about him and his works in my life to anyone at all.
  • My goal will be to win others over to Jesus through my appraisal and testimony of our relationship.
  • Focus on pleasing him than anyone else.
  • And also commit a lifetime to him, no matter what comes my way.



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Aderonke Awonusi

Godlover, Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ. HR Pro & Writer. I am passionate about sharing the gospel of christ through STORYTELLING..