Encountering God

Photo by Roger Brown

He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him (John 1:10, NIV)

I had the strangest experience ever, while having my first child through caesarean section.

I saw myself as a circle of many tiny dots. Suddenly the dots started to diminish until one was left.

Afterwards, I heard my spirit crying out to God to save me from fading out.

When I share this experience with people, I get various reactions. Some find my story intriguing, others think it could be the effect of the anaesthesia.

But I am sure of what I saw, God saved me!

We can encounter God in diverse ways. From the abstract to the simple or mundane things. Sometimes, we are not even aware it is God.

Are you sensitive to God’s move around you today?



Aderonke Awonusi

Godlover, Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ. HR Pro & Writer. I am passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through Storytelling..