Mountain or Valley, God has got us!

Aderonke Awonusi
3 min readJul 16, 2022


Photo by Chris F: https://www.pexels.com/photo/araneus-diadematus-spider-eating-chinavia-hilaris-bug-in-web-5513336/

A little sheep found himself lost on the mountains. The last he remembered was trailing after the aroma of a delicious grassland. (This was like an ultimate discovery of all time).

Oh my God! I am lost he cried out. But he thought to himself, I can’t be.. I have been on this mountain many times, I will find my way. His instinct warned him to cry for help. Perhaps, other sheep could hear his voice and help. But he said to himself. No! I am not going to do that, they will all laugh at me and mock me for going out alone selfishly to find food. Again his instinct instructed; shout out for help, your shepherd will definitely come for you. No way! I won’t do that, the little sheep says to himself. If I shout out for help, and my shepherd comes to rescue me, then he will discipline me. He will never allow me take any risk again of going out alone. I better continue to find my way home now, before anyone realizes I am gone . It can’t be so bad that I can’t find my way back. I am too smart .

The more the sheep combed the corners of the mountain for a way back home, the farther away he was from home. Suddenly he fell into a ditch that was totally covered with webs and thorns.

He fought and kicked. He did all he could to try to get out. The more he moved, the more he got entangled by the web. In addition, he was poked by thorns on all sides. At this stage, the sheep knew he was not only lost, but now entangled in the valley of the shadow of death. With this understanding he attempted to cry out, but again he said to himself . I think I deserve this. Why did I wander off on my own? I am stupid and selfish. I definitely deserve all that is happening to me. In fact I deserve to die! If I decide to shout for help now, then it will be too late. Who will hear me down in this ditch, when I could have cried out on the mountain?

Finally, he resolved to say his last prayers.

Suddenly, he felt a very sharp thorn piercing deep into his back ripping his skin apart. Without thinking, he screamed out loud and continued screaming for help.

In no time, his shepherd and all other sheep trailed his voice and rescued him. The little sheep was saved!

Does this story ring a bell? Do we find ourselves sometimes in very knotty situation? A simple decision leads to a complicated one. We explore “quick fix” options to “damage control” till we find ourselves in a web of thorns.

No matter how far we go, either high up in the mountain, or even deep in the valley, or worse entangled in a pit of web of thorns. We need not to continue on our own. Our good shepherd Jesus can still find us

And call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” Psalm 50:15 NIV



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