Fight to Win


Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

Though the gunfire bangs,

Even a number of bullets we dodged,

Yes, the deadly arrow flies,

Horses & Warriors falling to the left and right,

Heart pumping, Veins rising,

Pupils dilating, Sweat dripping,

Nostrils and mouths drooling,

Jagged scars we have, from scrambling,

The stampede of warriors that once echoed from afar now draws even closer….

Yet, we stand in battle!

Not because we are not afraid,

Neither are we very skilled warriors,

But we put on the whole armor of God,

And stand as we take down our enemies in the name of the lord,

We stand for we are not alone,

With this assurance we push forward in battle,

We fight only to WIN!

“Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2nd Kings 6:16, NIV)



Aderonke Awonusi

Godlover, Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ. HR Pro & Writer. I am passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through Storytelling..