This too shall pass

Aderonke Awonusi
2 min readMay 28, 2021

The encouragement to keep moving

I grew up a catholic and I remembered how every good friday my parents will take my family to church to attend the station of the cross.

The station or way of the cross were fourteen set of activities between Jesus' condemnation to be crucified, his death on the cross at Golgotha and final burial. During the station of the cross, we will literally act like we were with Jesus on that journey. The songs were slow and emotional. There is usually a lot of kneeling and standing, and we could practically feel the anguish of Jesus as we move from one station of events to another. I must confess it’s a difficult and exhausting spiritual exercise.

On his way to the cross, Jesus Christ (as he was in the form of flesh) must have sighed, tossed, turned, cried, screamed, bled, sweated, groaned, grinned, clenched his fist in pain, bitten through his tongue, smacked his lips, drolled from his nostrils and mouth.

At some point he must have closed his eyes tightly, then open it slightly while hoping the day has ended and he was free from pain. We recall from the bible that he cried aloud to his father for help when the pangs of pain was unbearable. (Matt 27:46). He did all that you and I will do because he was human at that time. The only thing he dint do was to stop moving because his eyes was on the prize.

Taking a cue from the station of the cross, we like Jesus christ are permitted to cry out in pain . However we are not permitted to take our eyes off the prize. Rather we are encouraged to keep pressing on because whatever we are going through. “ This too shall pass"

“My grace is all you need, for my power is greater when you are weak” (2nd Corinthians 12.9 GNB)



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